Faithful Friends Wall of Honor

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The Wild Blue

The Wild Blue

On August 4, 2013, my precious horse, Blue, died from post surgical complications related to cervical stenosis.

After I fell headlong into the deep end of the Saddlebred World, this magical horse changed my life. I'd like to thank the people who have been so helpful to me.

Thank you to Carla and Mike McIntosh for breeding and raising my beautiful Blue. He was always the smartest, prettiest, and most sensible horse.

Thank you to the late Peter Archer for teaching me so much about taking care of the horses and teaching me to drive and ride. I’ll never forget all the enjoyable times, good training, practicing at the barn, and all the fun and exciting horse shows. Pete always was Blue’s favorite person. The other day when I was working in my barn and was very upset about Blue not being there, I heard Pete’s voice say he was taking care of Blue for me. He said, ”Now I have my favorite horse to ride in heaven.”

The Wild Blue

Thank you to the following much appreciated veterinarians:

Dr. Luke Deverell and Dr. Raymond Huston of Huston Vet Service in Roseville, IL. Thank you for coming to my barn, for all your help day after day, any time I call.

Dr. Maureen Dower from Zoetis. Thanks for helping me figure out what was causing Blue’s neurological symptoms and where to go and what to do.

Dr. Karie Vander Werf and Dr. Kara Lascola, University at Illinois Veterinary Teaching Hospital, Equine Medicine. Thank you for being so nice and for all your help and advice with Blue.

Dr. Steve Reed, Dr. Brett Woodie, Dr. Peter Morresy, Dr. Janelle Moerlein at Rood and Riddle Equine Hospital in Lexington, KY. The doctors at Rood and Riddle provide the highest level of medical care to sick and injured horses while being kindhearted, understanding, and compassionate to the horses’ people.

My precious Wild Blueberry is greatly missed - Mary Jensen

Posted 9/2013

Faithful Friends Wall of Honor

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