Faithful Friends Wall of Honor

These horses have been honored with a donation to the American Saddlebred Horse Association
towards the technology upgrade, which will enhance the ASHA website and help support the advancement of our breed.

Sultana's Diana

Sultan's Dianna BHF

Sultan's Dianna changed the direction of Redwing Saddlebred Farm LLC-and her impact is still felt on the farm through the offspring of her son Designed. "Dianna" as she was called all of her life-was a Christmas gift from Roy Werner to Judy Werner when the mare was a weanling. She had a brilliant three and four year old year and then successfully entered the Ladies Five-Gaited division-only to have her career cut short in the spring of her six year old year by a severe case of laminitis.

Sultan's Diana

On a scale of 1 to 10-her case was a 10-yet she battled everyday with the independence and heart that was her trademark. Living to be 24 years old-and with the advent of embryo transfer-she produced 15 foals. While some remember her extreme talent and expression-and some remember her for her contribution to the breed-we will always remember her for her will to live-and the desire to "do things her way" -we were extremely fortunate to have her in our lives.

Posted 11/2013

Faithful Friends Wall of Honor

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