Faithful Friends Wall of Honor

These horses have been honored with a donation to the American Saddlebred Horse Association
towards the technology upgrade, which will enhance the ASHA website and help support the advancement of our breed.

Why Not Whyatt

Why Not Wyatt


Why not spend the entire day with him?
Why not ride him until you are sore all over?
Why not give him peppermints and apples and sugar?
Why not love him forever?

Why not win blue ribbons and hang them on the wall?
Why not brag and take pictures to send?
Why not feel safe, knowing he won’t let you fall?
Why not feel happy knowing he is ours to call a friend?

And when at the end of the day
You look back and see all that you have
Try to remember the moment when you finally realized
That you own a horse as amazing as WHY NOT WYATT

By Anna Rafanelli

Trying out Wyatt for the first time at Mane Event, I noticed how he walked. Kinda bouncy, it felt a little like he was going to break. The nerves in my stomach lessened as he went by the Coliseum door without a spook and in its place a weird full feeling came. Me and Wyatt were unstoppable. When Wyatt walked out of the arena, his head up and alert, I felt no fear whatsoever. I kept noticing little tiny details, too. “Wyatt” was written in the dust on the wall. He came from Woodwind Farm and my mom is a professional flute player. And the moment in the saddle with him when I felt very close to God. Then mom made the decision I will always love for her. She accepted the offer. I was getting a horse.
– Cara E. Rafanelli.

Posted 11/2014

Faithful Friends Wall of Honor

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